3 Reasons God Has Better GPS Than You

Did you know God has better GPS than you?

When you go on a trip do you like to know the route and see the map? Yeah, me too. Do you like to organize the trip, plan and then over plan, cover all your bases and having things like a plan A, B, C, D, & E? Oh, and how about an extra bag or three, just in case?

Congratulations, you’re normal.

What about those times when you don’t get to see the map beforehand, when the Creator of the Universe doesn’t ask for your input in the planning process and then takes you on a wild ride before you can fasten your seat belt or even get your hands and arms inside the car?

Oh yeah, those times.

3 Reasons God Has Better GPS Than You

What’s your response to those times? Do you feel out of control?

Maybe you are in the middle of one of those times right now with your kids, your job, your spouse, or your future. I feel ya. I really do.

I’ve got loads of experience with wild rides and I don’t mean the Disneyland version either. But because I’ve taken so many wild rides I’ve learned that God has way better GPS than you or me. There’s an obvious reason for that, he’s God. But there are some less obvious reasons that take hindsight and experience to really hammer into your brain.

I contend there are three excellent reasons why God has better GPS than you.

He can see the whole trip

Like you, I’ve been on some seriously crazy journeys with more trauma, drama, and white-knuckle turns than you can shake a stick at. These have been challenging treks with hard lessons to learn.

On my best days during a wild ride I can see what’s happened behind me and at best a few hours into the future. I can never however, see what’s going to happen next. What I think is going to happen usually doesn’t and what I never expected shows up with all the warning of a stubbed toe.

All the while God sees everything from the beginning to the end. You see, because he doesn’t operate in a space-time continuum there are no limits on his vision of the situation. All at once he knows the whole story, every bump in the road, every twist, turn, and infinitely boring straight stretch.

He also sees the end of the road. He knows exactly where I am going to end up at the end of the trip.

He sees it all and knows how it’s all working together for my good. Me, I’ve got no such vision because my GPS can’t map the road ahead, only the one behind. In this way his GPS totally blows mine out of the water.

His GPS has the right roads programmed in

I’m not going to lie. Some of the rides have not been in the least bit fun. I did not enjoy them nor did I keep my hands and arms inside at all times. But getting off was not an option. It was a test of endurance and a battle for control.

Oh yes, control. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? If you are anything like me you love to be in control and think all your ideas are the best ideas. How’s that working out?

When I’m on one of my wild rides I always come to the realization I am as far away from control as I can possibly be. Then I have a choice to make. I can wrestle God for said control or I can let him be in charge and steer the vehicle.

Now, I’m not going to get all “Jesus take the wheel” on you but I am going to say this:

The promises in the Bible, you know the ones, promises to always steer you in the right direction, to take you places that are good, to drive you to your destination safely. He, God, the Maker of All Things, really will deliver on them. ALL of them.

See, he has all of the right roads already programmed in. Whereas I can only see the roads where I’ve been I am constantly guessing about where to go next. I rarely have any of the right roads programmed into my GPS.

He does and that makes his GPS infinitely better than mine.

His final destination will always ROCK

Left to my own devices I am excellent at driving to really lame destinations. Imagine getting into the car and anticipating an amazing journey’s end, like Disneyland or Six Flags and then ending up at Larry’s House of Amazing Rocks.

That’s me. I get on these wild rides and then try to take over the navigating and steering (those darn control issues) and I end up in the lamest places. Then I have to say to the Lord, “Okay, you can drive” and we have to backtrack and find the right road and go through a bunch more stuff until finally we get to where he wanted to go all along.

Can you relate?

Remember, he can see the end of the trip, you can’t. Therefore, he’s got the whole trip mapped out ahead of time and if you would just let him drive you are going to get there much faster and with fewer stops along the way. Trust me on this one.

His GPS rocks because the places he wants to take you are amazing and beautiful and wonderful and more than you can ever imagine.

You may be asking, “Are you sure Debi?”

The answer is yes. I’m sure because I’ve put Him to the test. Yes, I actually put God and all His promises to the test to see if what He says is true or not. I challenged Him to the ultimate thumb wrestling contest for control of the driver’s seat.

Admittedly, this was not the smartest idea I’ve ever had, to put God to the test. But, like the merciful father he is he has proved himself to me over and over again.

Needless to say, I lost the challenge.

He won.

He’s real.

He steers.

Take it from me, someone who’s tried the other way and failed. Let Him navigate and drive. It’s much easier than trying to wrestle control. He has WAY better GPS than you or me.

Life is always going to be topsy-turvy. Over the course of your life the ride will have curves, straight stretches, bumps, and smooth sailing. How you respond to the trauma and the drama is what really matters.

Who and what you believe in times of discomfort and distress will mean the difference between thumb wrestling with God (and losing every time) and letting him steer you to the ultimate destination, right where he wants you to be.

The journeys God takes you on may be unknown, surprising, and slightly scary. My advice is to sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s way better than walking around lost and alone with a sore thumb.

So, are you ready to let him drive?



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  1. So, you know, I’m on that crazy, wild, journey right now, but sitting tight, my friend, and letting God drive. Not always liking that part, but it’s kind of like driver’s training again; just that I don’t want to crash, so I’m listening to instructions as best I can!

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