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I’m so glad you are here. I’m Debi and I started Real. Fun. Family. to support, inspire, and encourage you.

Through this site I am dedicated to helping your family live a life that is meaningful and authentic. See, I don’t want you to get stuck living at the corner of busy and overcommitted. Rather, I want you to discover what’s most important to and for your family and then strike out on a wild adventure of living life to the fullest, together.

What you’ll find here is information, advice, insight, and a whole lot of fun. To best serve you, I am limiting the focus of this site to elementary school through high school. Sound like your family? Great! Here’s how you can get started on your own adventure, right now…

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About Our Family.

Families.family easter cropped

They don’t just happen. They are created through hard work, perseverance, love, and a promise to never give up.

Every family has a story and we’re no different.

We are a boy and a girl who knew each other before we could read.

We lived for years ducking in and out of each other’s lives through friendship, get togethers, church functions, and a whole lot of snow skiing.

Then we went our separate ways only to be brought back together to mourn a devastating illness. As the life of a father ended a tiny spark found enough tinder to start a slow burn. That slow burn grew into a fire.

The boy loved this girl from the bottom of his heart and she loved him back with wild abandon.

Together, they formed a family and brought two amazing people into the world who radiate light and life and joy on a daily basis.

It hasn’t always been roses. But it’s always been real.

During the good and bad times fun has been a conscious, deliberate choice.

And somehow, a day turned into weeks and then months and years and the result is one doggone amazing family.

We invite you to join us as we go forward from here. We’ll share what we know, admit to what we don’t and give it our all as people who have been gifted with each other.

Come along and join us on the adventure.

No matter where you are starting from you can build your own real fun family. With encouragement, helpful tools, and consistent support you can start constructing your own amazing family and we’ll be cheering you on all the way.

All about Debi

I am a political scientist who has done everything from working in the state capitol to selling karaoke machines and bowling alleys to the military. I’ve planned tours of the Holy Land for churches and built a human resources department from scratch for a million dollar entity.

I’ve hitchhiked in Europe, viewed wildlife in Africa, and driven alone across the USA.

Now, I’m a homeschooling mom who blogs, cooks gluten-free meals, fly fishes, and speaks to women’s groups around the country. I’ve written a book about blogging and am currently writing several more on various topics.

In my spare time I read, Netfilx and chill, and binge on popcorn. I’m a sucker for a bicycle, chai tea, and never, ever turn down Mexican food. Ole!

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