Why It’s Important For Families To Be Creative

Don’t you just love it when you have time to be creative?

Creativity brings calm, peace, serenity, and a sense of accomplishment from a project well done. Parents who learn to be creative show kids first hand the importance of beauty and art, how to complete tasks, and how to view the world differently. Kids who are creative are better problem solvers and critical thinkers. It’s important for families to be creative.

So, what have you made lately?

Recently, I sewed two dresses. That’s right, I got all creative and made myself some new duds.

After a recent shopping trip of not being able to find what I wanted I headed off to the fabric store and bought some patterns (the McCalls ones were on sale for $0.99 each!) and some fabric and got to work.

The answer to the question you are asking is: No! I have never made clothing for myself before. I make window treatments all the time and doll clothes and pillows but no, I don’t sew for myself.

Everyone in your family needs to be creative. When kids see parents being creative they learn first-hand that beauty and art are important.

Really now, how hard could it be? Well, I suppose hard because I messed up a lot. I mean a lot, a lot but I did it and it felt so good to be creative like that. I love a good challenge and this experience was definitely pushing my limits as a seamstress. It felt good to let my creativity out. I went all out on this one and luckily for me it turned out well. I actually wore one of my new dresses in public. Booyah!

So, when is the last time you were creative in some way? No, not just with your hair because you hadn’t showered, I mean really creative like you made something, fashioned something, dug down deep and created something beautiful?

If you haven’t done this lately, it’s time!

Give yourself permission to be creative!!

Why creativity matters

Creativity is vital to a well-rounded and satisfying life. That’s why we love Pinterest right? Moms need to be creative. Dads need to be creative too.

Creativity shows kids that beauty and art matter. It shows them first-hand that using your mind and your hands to make something has value. It reinforces the idea that hand-made is good, earthy, and almost primal. It soothes the soul and makes for a happy heart.

Creativity also helps develop critical thinking skills, divergent thinking abilities (the ability to look at a problem from multiple angles,) and dexterity.

How to be creative

In our #RealFunFamily creativity takes on a lot of forms. Big Dad ties flies. As a fly fisherman he creates patterns and ties wonderful flies on small hooks. They are not only artistic they are also useful. He uses color and varying materials from feathers to fur to shiny thread. It’s an amazing process to watch and an even bigger thrill to catch a 17 pound steelhead on one of his creations.

Why It's Important For Families To Be Creative - Flies 2 POST

You know who sees dad working at his fly-tying table and wants to copy him? My son. He’s got his own vice, thread, scissors, and supplies. He watches and learns and tries and fails and tries again. It’s all part of the creative process for my nine-year-old son.

The creative juices are flowing. He even ties his own new patterns. I love to see him trying and I celebrate his successes.

My daughter is an artist and a singer. My son plays the piano and even composes his own songs. I play the ukelele, cook, build blogs, and design graphics.

All these outlets function as ways for us to be creative. They keep us from becoming stagnant, from wasting time in front of the television or on our devices. Our creative endeavors allow us to move, change, and grow both inside and out. The focus then comes off of us and our problems and is transferred to the project at hand, how to make it beautiful, useful, or delicious.

When I was a kid my parents had a friend. To me he was just a friend of the family. To everyone else he was a famous football player who knocked guys on their tails for a living.

The thing was he was afraid to fly. That wasn’t so good because professional football players need to ride in airplanes to do their jobs. So, he took up a hobby, needlepoint.

That’s right, this ginormous football player made beautiful pillows and wall hangings with needle and thread. Seriously, the dude understood the need for creativity. He knew exactly how focusing on something beautiful and different from his normal “job” could calm him, make him more relaxed and do wonders for his mental stability. I’m not one to argue with him either. Are you?

Even guys can be creative in unique and inspiring ways. Like Rosey Grier here. A big 'ol football player making lovely art with needle and thread.

{Source: Rosy Grier’s Needle Point For Men}

You’ve got something you like to do don’t you?  Maybe you used to do it in junior high or learned it as an elective in college.  Perhaps it’s something you’ve actually never done but would really like to try.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Go out there and get your creativity on.

Let the juices start to flow and make it happen.

Get the supplies you need.

Sign up for a class.

Find a group of other people who like to do what you like and make something beautiful.

Give yourself permission to get away from your normal routine and create something awesome. You know it will do wonders for your mental health and of course we all know that when mamma’s happy, everybody’s happy. And building on that when daddy’s happy and sister is happy and brother is happy…..

When you realize it’s important for your family to be creative you start to seek out ways to practice and participate in creativity.

So, what can you do to be creative either as a family or as individuals:

  • Cook
  • Bake
  • Sew
  • Paint
  • Sing
  • Play an instrument
  • Garden
  • Decorate
  • Write poetry
  • Take pictures
  • Tie Flies
  • Needlepoint
  • Graphic design
  • Videography
  • Build a fort
  • Paint a room
  • Design a welcoming space
  • Refurbish a dresser
  • Make a lamp out of something old

The opportunities are endless. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something. Go get on Pinterest if you need inspiration and then be creative.

I can’t wait to see what you create. Please, share it with me here or on Facebook. I might even feature you on my page.

So, what is it you do to be creative?






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