What You Need To Know To Make A Simple Craft Apron

I saw a pretty, multi-pocket apron on Pinterest recently and I decided I needed it for crafting and for holding my garage sale cash. Oh, how I love holding a successful garage sale.

What I loved about this simple craft apron was how easy it would be to make using a pre-made tool apron from a box store and some beautiful girly fabric.

This original photo came from CountryHome.com but the instructions are no longer available.

simple craft apron idea

Well, that’s a problem. So, here is my is my take on this project:

craft apron step by step

Starting from left to right:

Step 1:

Purchase or use a canvas apron from one of the big hardware stores.  They cost about $1.  Get some heavy duty fabric – 1/2 yard should be plenty (1/4 yard would even be enough)

Step 2:

Cut a piece of fabric bigger than then apron

Step 3:

Sew a top seam and then place the fabric in the center of the apron.  Sew two straight stitches down the center, just as you see on the apron.

Step 4:

Should be attached at the center and look like this.

Step 5:

Fold the edges and bottom around the apron and sew.

Step 6:

I like to use a fun stitch for this.

Step 7:

A view of the back side.

Step 8:

The completed apron.

Step 9:

Now you have 4 pockets.  2 from the original apron and 2 that you attached.

Here is how it looks:

simple craft apron completed A

This has many uses and I love using it for a variety of projects. You could even do multiple cascading layers for more pockets. Use your imagination and go for it.

For boys and girls this would make a great first sewing project because it’s simple and only requires straight stitches. So, go ahead, make one for the whole family! Give them as gifts because who can’t use extra pockets?

When you make this simple craft apron let me know how your project turns out.

Are you going to give this project a try?




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