How To Practice Simple Evangelism With Powerful Results

Have you ever done an internet search for simple evangelism?

I know you’ve searched for simple dinner recipes and simple cleaning solutions. On any given day there are 10,000+ pictures and graphics on Pinterest about how to make life, birthday parties, laundry and dinnertime simpler. There are organizational ideas, money-saving tips, pretty notebooks and three-ingredient recipes.

But, modern moms, moms who pin, tweet, and google, those who post and insta-everything are notorious for making things difficult and challenging. Am I right?

On Pinterest complicated is pretty. On Instagram it’s hip. Complicated is a shoe holder made out of a wire hanger that YOU have to twist and pull with pliers and cover in pretty paper. Really?

As much as we want things to be simple we love complicated because complicated gives us opportunities. It gives us opportunities to complain, moan and fail to follow through. Complicated is the escape hatch.

It’s too hard.
I can’t do it.
I don’t have enough talent.
I don’t have the time.

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Sharing Christ is simple.

We just find innumerable ways to make it complicated. (Escape hatch.) Then we wonder why we have absolutely no success in the area of being salt and light in the world.

Well, here’s your answer: Simple = Success

Simple means doing the things you like, want and need to do and intertwining them with opportunities to share, model and love like Christ.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Not in any way, shape, or form.

You don’t have to save up thousands of dollars and cross the sea to share Christ. You don’t have to take a 12-week class and memorize 57 verses. You don’t need to do or be anything that God hasn’t already created you to be.

How To Practice Simple Evangelism With Powerful Results ☀ Sharing your faith doesn't need to be complicated. You can practice simple evangelism using the gifts and talents you've been given.

Instead, use the gifts and talents He has given you to share Him. Do these things while spending time with other people.

Jesus didn’t go up to Peter and Andrew on the beach, hand them a tract and then walk away. He engaged them and then spent the next three years with them.

You don’t have to live with those you want to minister to but you can engage them and then spend time with them.

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Simple evangelism

Here are some simple ways you can invest in others while lavishing them with Christ’s love

  • Hold a knitting or scrap booking class and love on the ladies who show up. Share your knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.
  • Start a walking group for moms on your street. No one is going to the olympics here. Just walk and talk.
  • Hand out goody bags to the moms, grandmas and kids who play at the park you go to. This will get your kids involved from the smallest to the tallest.
  • Have a picnic in the rec room of a local senior care facility and invite some of the residents. Cross-generational interactions are always well received.
  • Act as the point person for park days in your neighborhood. Everyone can bring their own lunch, chairs, and bikes. Just invite others to participate in what you are already going to be doing.
  • Find a family-friendly ministry at your church to participate in. Don’t have one? Start one.

C’mon now, this isn’t rocket science. Quit making it so complicated.

Your family can be salt and light right where you are. You can share the love of Christ without spending money. When it comes to reaching others: Simple = Success

What ideas do you have for simple evangelism?




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