Final Fun Summer Moments For A Spectacular Fall

It’s late afternoon and it’s been a long day of appointments, errands, and other stops that keep moms busy.

I’ve got a few minutes to kill so I wandered out to the backyard to sit in my favorite red Adirondack chair situated around our newly constructed fire pit.

The charred wood in the pit reminds me of a memorable evening we recently had as a family trying out our new outdoor entertaining area. I can still hear the laughter we shared. It was just the four of us but it was a fun summer memory-making moment I treasure.

We’ve had such a fun summer. In the yard, the trees are still green and fluttering with leaves that are barely tinged with gold and red. Fall is coming, but not yet.

Final Fun Summer Moments For A Spectacular Fall ☀ Our fun summer is coming to an end. But not yet. We've still got some final moments to enjoy before the season changes.

The sprinklers are twitching their way across our green grass as we try to squeeze out as much water as we can before they turn off the canal that runs along our property. Fall is coming, but not yet.

In the scrub oak at the back of our lot a disgruntled squirrel is making his grievances known. Chattering loudly and wagging his bushy tail in disapproval I imagine he’s found another in his favorite nesting spot or some of his acorns have gone missing from his autumn stash. There is still time to collect more nuts and find a new cozy den. Fall is coming, but not yet.

fun summerThe temperature is absolute perfection: not too hot and not too cold. The breeze is gentle and soft. It whispers across my bare arms and legs keeping the air fresh and cool. In a few weeks it will be gone, just a  fun summer memory. But for today it’s sweet and mild.

Overhead, wrens flutter by on outstretched wings with bits and pieces in their beaks. They are reinforcing their nests for what’s to come. They are diligent and precise. The sky they traverse is just the right shade of blue with whispy white clouds that swirl and dance in the wind high up in the atmosphere.

Every so often a vibrating flutter passes behind my chair. It’s one of the many hummingbirds who make their summer home in our yard. I’ve never known such a vocal bunch. All day long they twitter and chirp and chase each other around our property. Soon, they’ll fly south towards Mexico and warmer climes. Fall is coming, but not yet.

As a family, our schedule is already jam packed with activities, school, and events. Soccer, piano, AWANA, youth group, homeschool co-op, and sleepovers have filled our calendar to capacity. But for just this moment I have time to breathe, peruse a decor magazine gleaning ideas for the next season, and enjoy the sights and sounds of our oasis of calm.

Soon, a child will come the backdoor and ask where his or her practice socks have been hidden. In the laundry basket where I left them for you to put away. The phone will ring with someone reminding me about soccer snacks. Yes, I have it written down and we’ll have plenty for everyone.

fun summer

The dishes still need to be put into the dishwasher. There are bills to pay. Pants to hem before the weather turns chilly and shorts are no longer an option. Lists to compile for the weekend’s events and activities and dinner options to consider. But for now I’m just relaxing in the backyard because fall is coming, but not yet.

It’s just a matter of time before I’ll be called away from this moment. Cooler weather will follow and life will get uber busy. The wildlife will ready itself for the change in seasons, the grass will begin to yellow, and I’ll be bundling up for the temperature drop. But for right now, as I sit in my favorite chair…fall is coming, but not yet.






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4 comments on “Final Fun Summer Moments For A Spectacular Fall

  1. What a beautiful, picturesque post! I loved being swept away to your quiet moment outside along with you. I realize I need to get out and intentionally enjoy these lingering moments of summer!

  2. It is definitely nice to be able to go outside where its peace and quiet even for a few minutes. I know I enjoy the time I am able to take my son to the park let him run around and have some fun.

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