Fun New Year’s Eve Traditions For Families

Are you ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your tweens?

New Year’s Eve becomes more fun as our kids get older. We love to spend the evening together eating, playing games, celebrating, and reminiscing. My husband and I know in a few years our tweens will be off to parties (hopefully hosted by us) and traditions might go flying out the door, but for now they like to hang with us.

Plus, they can’t drive.

Here are some of the fun things we do as a family and a few ideas you might want to integrate into your own New Year’s Eve tradition.

Remember & Dream:

Each year since the kids have been in school we’ve printed out fun memory and dream sheets then spent time during the evening remembering the past year while writing down our dreams and goals for the upcoming one. We like to review the sheets from the year before, which I keep in my Christmas notebook, and then we fill out new ones.

This year I created our own remember and dream sheets so you can join in the fun too. Just click to download your own printable sheets.New Year's Eve traditions with tweens

Download HERE


Who doesn’t like a game of bingo? This is a fun activity to help pass the time while you are waiting for the ball to drop. As you watch TV or hold a movie marathon you too can play some bingo. Here’s a link to my favorite pre-made bingo cards: {courtesy of pluckymomo}

Older kids might want to make their own cards. Here’s a link to some blank bingo cards: {courtesy of tothesquareinch}


What’s New Year’s Eve without food?

My husband grew up eating a particular meal on Christmas Eve with his family. We continued that tradition until we moved away from our hometown a few years ago. In our new town the kids decided they wanted to eat that meal on New Year’s Eve. So, we do.

Our traditional New Year’s Eve fare is rice pudding (a Norwegian tradition), Swedish meatballs in sweet and sour sauce, fruit salad, and cookies.

We’ve taken all this fare and put our own special twist on it. We still eat the rice pudding (see below) but now we eat Italian meatballs with pizza sauce for dipping, Asian chicken cranberry salad, and ice cream pie (see below).

New Year's Eve traditions with tweens - rice pudding

Serve Rice Pudding with milk and cinnamon/sugar. Delicious!

New Year's Eve traditions with tweens - easy ice cream pie

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Pie shell, ice cream, voila!

These are just a few of our traditions. Each year we try new things out too. Last year we made hats out of paper and string. This year, who knows what we’ll find to try.

What are your family New Year’s Eve traditions? Do share.






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