Two Chore Charts Updated For Tweens

Chores. Blech! As a mom I am horrible at doing my chores. I need a good way to track my progress, like with a chore chart or something like that. Oh wait, this isn’t about my issues is it? Never mind.

What this is about is instilling responsibility and consist behavior in my kids. Right? Now that they aren’t little anymore what worked for a chore chart in the past needs to be updated and revamped. Okay, I’ve got this.

When my kids were small I tried several methods for keeping track of chores. Paper, stickers, tickets, you get the picture. Almost all of them worked to some degree, for some length of time. I mean, c’mon two days is technically a “length” of time.

My favorite and most effective chart from when the kids were small was this one from Confessions of a Homeschooler:

This worked well for us but was a bit of overkill because we’re just not that complicated. We chose the chores we wanted to focus on and it was great. The kids loved getting tickets. It looks so pretty doesn’t it? This one was definitely customizable which was awesome for us. But now, there’s no way.

I needed something more grown up. There is the wipe-off board option but somehow it always seems to be forgotten in our house. It’s too easy to just walk right by.

Luckily, with the help of Pinterest and my noggin I came up with two options that seem to do the trick for my tweens.

Chore chart for tweens #1

The first option is a door hanger style chore chart. You can use a wooden door hanger or a laminated one or a foam one, like the ones I found at the dollar store. Then, just write the chores on some wooden clothes pins and you are good to go. Simple, no fuss, easy to see what’s getting done and what isn’t, and it puts the responsibility right where it belongs, on your kids.

It also stays right on their door handles so it’s their responsibility to see it, use it, and get their work done. I love that.

Chore chart for tweens #2

The second option is still just as simple. For just a couple of bucks you can get some 5×7 standing picture frames and turn them into a handy chore chart. I found mine at the dollar store. Then I turned over the picture paper they came with and printed right on them with my home printer.

It really couldn’t be any simpler. These chore charts are easy to store on our Family Command Center so we can all see how much progress is being made.

Supply List:

5-10 clothes pins (wooden or plastic – it’s your choice)
Stand-up picture frame.  I used 5×7.
Marker or label maker


1.  Take the paper photo out of the picture frame.
2.  Turn it over and print on it from your own printer or use it as a template to make your own sign.
3.  Write chores on the clothes pins or make stickers for the plastic pins.
4.  Done.

Pretty easy huh? I used 5 pins labeled with things we need to get done each day. When the task is complete the kids can turn the pin over and put it on the other side of the list.

This system helps my kids learn responsibility and develop initiative. I love it because it helps me stay on top of daily tasks that need to be done. (like feed the dog – yeah, that’s important)

For rewards, I watch for consistency. Since these are things that need to be done as a part of being a member of our family they do not get an allowance or commission for them. But I do commend them when all five pins are on the DONE side and reward them when this has been done a couple of weeks in a row.

How do you keep track of chores at your house? What do you do for rewards?





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